Backyard F U N

Welcome to our FUNyard

We want our backyard recreation area to be fun for the whole family. We have a ton of games such as a life size checkers board, tetherball, corn hole, ladder golf, Yardzee, ring toss, badminton, croquet, Connect 4, tick-tac-toe, and even a giant stage to play charades! Remember, please use all of the outdoor games, fire-pit, swing set, at your own risk.

But first, the propane fire pit

Please take advantage of the propane fire pit under the pavilion in the backyard. The automatic lights go off 2 hours after sundown. The fire pit is easy to operate:

1. Take off top lid, open side door, and turn on gas on the top of the tank knob.

2. Give it about 30 seconds before turning the knob on the side. It will take a second or two to catch fire.

3. When you are done, please turn off the side knob first, then TURN OFF the knob of the gas, and put the lid on.

4. PLEASE ask for help if you are unsure about operation. Your safety is our highest priority!


To turn ON the speakers, walk to the back of the house and locate the automatic timer

It will be set to 4 hrs, turn knob to say "ON", this gives power to the pavilion. Please turn back to 4 hours when done.

At the back of the speaker is the on/off button, make sure it is the button is down towards blue tape

Once on, look at your Bluetooth settings and find "PYLE" the password is 0000. Turn on your music and get jammin'! Please turn off when done.

Path around the field to the south

There is a nice mowed path around the field (to the south) for your enjoyment. The gate to this field is located along the driveway and there is also one in the backyard just behind the recreation area. Please be sure to close the gate when you exit.